Hello, I'm Hanley; a mind-palacing Welshman training to be a theatre director.

"Did your parents want you to be an 18th century opium smoking French poet?" - Carrie Quinlan on my name

Awaiting to hear from Benedict Cumberbatch about forming an awkwardly English names club.


16th September 2013

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I got irritated by the incorrect information going around idealising our education system…

Tagged: universitycollegetuition feeseducationpoliticsbugger knows what else to tag this withum hi guys I'm backawful comeback my apologies

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  8. watchkeyphone said: I’m in the UK and there were halls on show at every single university I visited? Generally at least one flat from each major type of accommodation (en-suite, standard, etc) were available to visit at open days.
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